Thursday, February 17, 2011


Barbican gallery has a load of old-skool consoles hooked up to show bowling games where all of the bowlers miss over and over again. It's made by a dude called Cory Arcangel. Something quite ridiculous to it (obviously), but also quite darkly humorous about it too. Like how many times should you try? I know you should always try. But maybe some things don't have an answer or an end.

I had never been to the Barbican before. It's a pretty imposing, dark and dated looking place. Reminded me a bit of 1970s sci-fi film Logan's Run. That was meant to be set hundreds of years in the future but was actually obviously shot in a 'jazzed up' real life hotel or a shopping centre or something. Which I always found quite funny. Today it probably looks very similar to this.
But I still find something quite cool about the vision (or lack of) applied to the tower blocks from that era. A weirdly admirable quality in designing a building with no consideration for how ugly it's gonna look in a few years. Not because you're stupid. But because you were excited and genuinely had no idea that this could be a bad thing. You just thought concrete was frickin' awesome or something. People don't have that singular vision anymore. Probably a wise development. But then maybe we're less inspired and less brave now. Perhaps we don't try hard enough?

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