Saturday, July 23, 2011


A quite nerdy music conversation I had recently reminded of this time a few years back. I was on a train from Brighton to London and I had a guitar with me. I sat down and there's this old American guy sitting across from me and he starts talking to me about the guitar. He tells me he used to write lyrics for musicians a long time ago. I asked him which ones? And he replied the Beach boys. Which was a bit of a WTF moment. Because I (along with possibly a few million other people) used to be a quite obsessed with that band.
Anyway, he told me he used to hang with Charles Manson and Dennis Wilson and stuff, which was very entertaining for that hour's journey. Afterwards I checked his name out, and sure enough, Stephen Kalinich did write songs with the Beach Boys. Which is awesome. He was totally there.
Anyway, a recent Google search confirmed he was also totally there during the early '90s too. In L.A. With a car. Which made me totally do a LOL.

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